Mitomed+ Contributing to the higher Tourism Events

Representatives from NECSTouR attended both the events in the framework of the higher Tourism Events under the Maltese Presidency of the EU.


Mrs Elena Lacasa, co-leader of the NECSTouR's Working Group on Digital Platforms, intervened during the Tourism High Level Conference, in the panel discussions on Sharing Economy: Impacts and implications of the sharing economy on tourism development. "The collaborative economy - she said - is much more than tourism! Take it into account when defining the role of public authorities and whether they regulate or not!". Also, Mrs Cristina Nunez, Coordinator of the Permanent Secretariat NECSTouR, intervened in the panel discussions on Coastal and Maritime Tourism, where she presented the contribution and good practices of NECSTouR regions to support this kind of tourism. Her presentation about the innovative ideas promoted by MITOMED+ project on this field had a great impact to the audience. On the previous day, the aim of the UNWTO High Level Master Class on “Attracting Chinese Tourism to the Mediterranean Countries” was to bring together a selection of experts from a wide spectrum of backgrounds including international organisations, trade associations, China specific experts and legislators with experience of the Chinese tourism market in order to stimulate a healthy exchange of views from the experts on how to identifying both the opportunities and the challenges of attracting Chinese tourism to the Mediterranean. Several members of NECSTouR are highly interested on this topic.

Source: NECSTouR