Workshop: Building Sustainable Coastal and Maritime Tourism Policies for Med Destinations

5-6 April 2018 - Malaga (ES)

The main objective of the event was to exchange knowledge and lessons learned on how to measure sustainability in Coastal and Maritime Tourism Destinations and to build an European Roadmap for Sustainable Coastal and Maritime Tourism Policy-making. Through this MITOMED+ partners offered the opportunity to tourism destinations to join the 15 destinations throughout Europe that are already implementing MITOMED+ measurement and monitoring system for the sustainability of the tourist activity. This system is based on the ETIS list of indicators that have been revised, calculated and prepared to be transferred to any other destination in Europe. Attending this event participants had an opportunity of taking part of the discussion related to the development and implementation of indicators for measurement and its further use for tourism policymaking with relevant stakeholders such as UNWTO, the European Statistical System, the European Comission, representatives of other European destinations and academics.