Thanks to MITOMED+ project and extensive work done by partner IPTPO (Institute of Agriculture and Tourism) with cities authorities, from the 2018 summer season, residents and tourists will have the chance to enjoy renewed and sustainable beaches in three destinations of the Region of Istria: Poreč, Novigrad and Labin. 

Poreč (Parenzo) is a popular summer resort on the coast of the Istrian Peninsula in western Croatia. In the historic old town, the 6th-century Euphrasian Basilica complex is famous for its gem-studded Byzantine mosaics. The coastline north and south of town draws visitors with camping areas, marinas and beaches with water sports. The city authorities decided to implement the MITOMED+ Green Beach Model on one of the town's most popular beaches, "Gradsko kupalište" .

Beach "Gradsko kupalište" is a 1300 m long, stone slab paved urban beach, situated in a community with the largest number of Blue Flags. The beach has lifeguards, life-saving equipment, first-aid, facilities for the disabled, sport facilities, renting facilities, catering facilities.


Novigrad (Cittanova)   is a compelling touristic destination situated on northern side of the Istrian Peninsula that to this day kept its intimate and irresistible charm of a typical quite Mediterranean fishing town. The city walls have for centuries embraced and protected Novigrad’s rich history, its culture and valuable traditions. 

Karpinjan is one of the most known beaches in Novigrad, and it's where the City decided to locate their green beach. Although located near the town, Karpinjan beach is an excellent choice for taking a break from summer crowd and heat. It is protected by a high pine belt, there is no traffic, and with the large area of sea shallows, it is especially popular among the families with young children. 


Labin (Albona) is a picturesque town situated on the eastern part of the Istrian peninsula, at a 320 meters high hill only three kilometres from a well-known tourist resort Rabac, that belongs to the Municipality of Labin.  Rabac is the most important tourist center on the eastern coast of the Istrian peninsula that due to the low white pebble beaches, crystal clear and clear sea got the name "The pearl of Kvarner Bay".

Girandella beach in Rabac is the choice of the city administration to test the green beach model. The beach is the favorite spot for the children, the adults and the young population that enjoy their stay throughout the whole day. It offers wide range of recreational activities, like water skiing, picigin, volleyball, tennis.  There is also a promenade by the sea where you can relax by taking walks, riding a bike or rollerblading. 

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