The picturesque village Alaminos emerges on the west side of Larnaca. On your way to the center of the village you will be impressed by the wild vegetation, the olive trees and the pines which dominate the scenery. The beautiful image of the village is composed of the tortuous roads, the traditional taps, the arches, the traditional little houses, the churches, the fortress and the view to the sea. Chiefly fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, and artichokes) are cultivated in the village's tracts.  

The visitor can also enjoy the view of the deep blue sea. The beach is almost hidden from common view and is truly a secret paradise. On the shores of Alaminos, away from the sight of man, you can find this secret paradise for swimming. The community of Alaminos has created a road for accessing the beach and plant the area with trees. In addition, tourists and locals can find a parking space just few meters from the beach. Also, there is a footpath which begins from the beach and ends one kilometer further in the new tourist area and where the fishing shelter is situated that can accommodates hundreds of fishing boats.

Ormidia is a community on the southwest part of Cyprus, located in the District of Larnaca. The village took it names from the bays, Greek word being ormous which are at its coast. An important feature of Ormidia is its narrow and long valley, with many old and dry dorms and small gushes that resemble dried bays of the sea. The inhabitants of Ormidia deal with agriculture, livestock and farming and a large percentage of them are employed in nearby tourist resorts of the Agia Napa and Protaras. Ormidia has also a fishing shelter that provides a safe shelter for professional fishing boats, as well as recreational boats. Also, the freshest fish is served at seafood restaurants overlooking the beautiful beach and the endless blue of the sea. At Ormidia beach you can feel the little breeze, that makes you feel how alive the landscape is in front of you with the small waves and the gulls to fly above the deep blue sea. The beach has very little sand and is mostly consist of small stones. It is a beautiful landscape that you can enjoy all the seasons. In summer, the beach is beautiful, and the water is refreshing. The waters on this beach are deep, so for that, you do not have to go far from the shore, since 1 meter is a good distance and depth. As far as winter is concerned, again it is a great place to spend your hours. The beach may not have the same life as the summer, but is can win you with her calm and the deep blue sea color.

Zygi village is one of those charmingly traditional Cypriot villages that has managed to retain its traditional atmosphere, albeit with a slightly more tourist orientated spin. Zygi is the place to be for sea and fish lovers. Today it is the most known and renowned fishermen's village of Cyprus famous even outside the country. Zygi’s main attraction is its fishing shelter, which is surrounded by good quality fish taverns, many of which also have children’s facilities and attract diners from all over the island. The picturesque fishing shelter is popular for a stroll after a meal, whilst visitors can also take a traditional fishing trip where the fishermen tell tales of the sea as they demonstrate the old fishing methods. The numerous seafood restaurants of the area are usually full of people who come to enjoy the large variety of fresh seafood. Here you can enjoy the lovely sea view and enjoy at the same time fresh sea bream, red mullet, parrot fish, rabbit fish, octopus, cuttlefish and squid all fished from Zygi even during winter. Besides the fish taverns, like in all the villages of Cyprus, Zygi has a number of churches, namely the churches of Apostle Varnavas, Saint Eracledios and Saint Kyriakos. Zygi is a developing tourist village with several apartment complexes and cottages that can satisfy every visitor. You will not regret spending a few days there swimming in the sea, eating fresh fish and enjoying the good weather.


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